Organizing A 50th Birthday Party

If your mom or dad or even someone else that is close to you is turning fifty it is your duty to throw them a fiftieth birthday bash like no other. While people in their teens and even their early twenties tend to have parties and events for their birthdays it is very rare for an older person to have the opportunity to have a birthday party and therefore turning fifty is the perfect opportunity for the perfect birthday party.

Keep it simple and creative

If you are on a tight budget you need not worry too much because it is perfectly possible to have an amazing birthday party on a very small budget if you keep it simple and creative. Instead of choosing to have the birthday party at a function hall or hotel you may instead have it at your own home or at the home of a friend so as to save on a lot of money in function hall rental.

Music and food

A person turning fifty would rarely have the opportunity to hear the music that they grew up with and so one great idea is to have a tribute band of their favorite band from yesteryear play at the event.

While you will not have too many expenses, hiring a professional band may tend to cost a little extra money. What you could do is allocate a larger percentage of your budget to the music and the tribute band while cutting down your cost on the rest of the party.

In terms of food for the party you may opt to make all of the food yourself. This does not have to be as scary as it seems as you may stick to easy to make and simple foods such as sandwiches and other small types of finger food. Another great idea that would also be a lot less work is to host a potluck. The chances are that the birthday person has many friends who are great cooks who specialize in a specific item and you can ask each of them to bring in something to eat when they come for the party. This will not only save you a lot of money but it will also save
you a lot of time and effort and make your life a lot easier.

Guest list

Make an effort to keep your guest list small and close knit with only family and close friends of the birthday person being invited. A large guest list will not only be a big cost but it will also tend to make your party impersonal. Having a feel close family and friends mean you will be able to spend more money on each person n make the party even better for the few people present.